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How Does A Virtual Restaurant Brand Expand Your Customer Base?

A virtual restaurant brand can expand your customer base in several ways. First, virtual restaurant brands create an online presence that reaches a much wider audience than a physical restaurant. By nature, only existing on third party delivery platforms like Uber Eats, Doordash or Grubhub allows you to tap into their established customer base. In a lot of cases, this is a very different market than that of which your Brick-and-Mortar restaurant is attracting.

Another way a virtual restaurant brand can expand your customer base is by offering a different cuisine type than your Brick-and-Mortar restaurant. Often your local pizzeria has the proper equipment to produce an American Chicken Wing brand such as “No Fly Zone”. Depending on cooking equipment you could also stack a complimentary brand that cross utilizes many of the same ingredients such as American Fried Chicken Sandwich brand “Fowl Mood.” This reaches an audience for three different restaurant types.

Lastly, often not thought about is a virtual restaurant helps extend your “prime” operating hours. This is due to the nature of the eaters’ ordering habits. In rural areas with a lot of ball fields you will find families finishing up at the games around 8PM and placing their virtual brand orders to be ready when they arrive at home. You also have the scenario with many hospitality workers that get off work at 9PM that would prefer not to go home and cook. Thus creating an additional pop between 8PM and 10PM. This is just to name a few and are a couple good reasons to add a Virtual Restaurant Brands and become a Host Kitchen.

Now there are many things to think about before you jump right in to hosting multiple virtual kitchen brands to expand your audience. First and foremost is your Star Rating on delivery service provider platforms as they are now beginning to protect their eaters and holding Virtual Brands to strict standards. This is why Virtual Restaurant Solutions is here to help. Our thoughtfully curated menus are designed specifically to be produced in ways that support all the hidden DSP standards meanwhile being non-disruptive to your Brick-and-Mortar restaurant.

Let Virtual Restaurant Solutions support you in expanding your customer base by adding multiple brands that complement your brick-and-mortar restaurant. We empower restaurant owners to run profitable delivery only franchises from their existing kitchens. You could only be one click away from extra orders and increased profits. Click here and one of our consultants will reach out to you and get you started. 

By Rich Rowley

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